Investor Conclave

AIC-NMIMS Incubation Centre organized its  flagship event ‘Investor Conclave’ to give 5 incubates the opportunity to pitch their business plans to some of the top investors in the market. These 5 start-ups  have worked diligently to take their products/ideas/technologies from bench to the markets.

The event started by a welcome speech by the CEO of AIC-NMIMS Mr. Harshal Shah followed by a small speech by Dr. Rajan Saxena – Vice Chancellor NMIMS University. The details of the event is mentioned below : 

Date: 18th January 2020

Time: 10.00 am to 1.00 pm

Venue: Board Room

Start-ups Participated : Wheeride, Protto, Decipay, Bimagarage, Klimrus

The event started at 10:00 am in the Board Room of NMIMS University. The highlights of the event were more than 200 people witnessed the event where 75 investors were seated in the board room and other people sat in other classroom of the college where the event was live streamed.

Post the pitches the event than followed by a one on one session of the startups and the investors on their desks in the refugee area of NMIMS. Around 46 investors showed their interests in the various start-ups and each of them have acknowledged and appreciated their efforts and hard work.

AIC-NMIMS has always believed to bring out the best in each, develop, learn and grow with everyday learnings and be better than what we are today.

Growing Big Growing Knowledgeable – DARE TO DREAM.