Ms. Deepa Krishnan, founder of Magic Tours of India- a social entrepreneurship initiative now a nation-wide phenomenon conducted a session on “The Magical Journey of an Entrepreneur” at AIC-NMIMS, Mumbai. Being an excellent educator, she took the audiences through various fun and intuitive personal experiences. A crowd of 65+ students & entrepreneurs learned how leaders can be made and how being an entrepreneur is a journey full of learnings, self growth & being indepent. The key learnings were:

·         Bootstrap first

·         Don’t give anything for free

·         Trust your instincts

·         Do what you love

·         Be independent, take your own call

·         The core is important (who you are and what you are)

·         Learn from your failure

·         Know when to let things go

·         The social angle helps

·         Become a leader

·         Believe in yourself

·         Choose the people around you wisely

·         Create opportunities for yourself

·         Being an entrepreneur is to be courageous

·         Your experiences are your own guides

·         Never stop thinking, keep innovating


She concluded the session with an engaging learning summary session and made a truly magically enlightening environment for all.