This is a collaborative corporate engagement program where we are scouting startups  who can provide innovative business solutions to our corporate partners. We are  bridging the gap between the corporates and startups. 

What’s in it for startup

Corporate partners Onboarded for the program

Selection process

Important Timelines



This intention of this program is to bridge the gap between startups and corporates. We are scouting for startups with innovative business solutions in the above mentioned areas for our corporate partners. For more details on use cases we are trying to solve, you can refer below on the FAQ section.

Once the application period is over, the shortlisted startups will pitch to our corporate partners for an opportunity for a Proof of Concept, Strategic Alliance/Investment Opportunity.

  1. MedTech and wearables: Startups offering non-invasive/at-home, remote solutions for diagnosis of existing or potential medical conditions using AI. The idea is to eliminate the need for the customer to visit a medical center for a checkup before the insurance purchase. You can refer to the below attachment for a detailed list of medical test that we want to eliminate. Start-up can have solutions which address all or some of these tests (Cardio, Cancer, Diabetes, BP and other common terminal illnesses). HDFC Life Insurance
  2. AI based automated underwriting: Startups using AI to offer advanced predictive solutions for underwriting policies. E.g.: Automating risk assessment, profiling and pricing of premiums (accordingly) by predictive modelling using cognitive ML/AI to understand customer profitability, long term potential and other opportunities 
  3. Sales automation: Corporate Partners already has a sales management system which offers standard features of sales apps. Anything that can add value over and above these features or offers a new way of managing or growing a sales team/performance across pre sales, sales and post sales is of interest.  E.g.: Automatically generating a pitch manual in real time, decrease mis-selling, capturing field sales in real-time
  4. AR/VR/MR: Startups into Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality/Mixed Reality based solutions for policy disbursements and customer servicing. E.g.: VR used to alert and offer safety training through accident recreation to policyholders of possible risks to reduce accidents and boost policy purchase rates AR/VR/MR used to offer an immersive experience to create ads and marketing campaigns 
  5. No code applicationsStartups offering user-friendly enterprise platform/software which involve zero coding to build quick journeys analyze data and generate customizable reports. E.g.: Data extraction and analysis with a feature rich, user friendly view, enabling users to execute a multitude of functions with a single click. 
  6. Fraud and risk detection using vision, voice and text AI: Startups working in the domain of risk assessment and detection for new businesses as well as subrogation using AI scanners for video, voice and text. E.g. Face scanning and recognition with gamification techniques that could give cues for fraud detection or life-threatening habits while processing claims or new businesses 
  7. Advances in actuarial science: Startups who are into research and applications of new ways to use statistical methods and predictive modelling to assess risks and forecast its implications. E.g.: Statistical predictive analysis to detect fraudulent claims, acquire new customers and identify behavioural patterns 
  8. MLOps: Start-ups which provide an end-to-end machine learning development process to design, build and manage reproducible, testable, and evolvable ML-powered software. HDFC Life would be interested in products which enable automated testing of machine learning artifacts (e.g. data validation, ML model testing, and ML model integration testing) 
  9. AI based Recruitment and Training training platforms for HR and L&D:
  10. Underwriting efficiency
  11. Broadbasing the medical tests to reduce Underwriting risks
  12. Sales force productivity improvement
  13. Salesforce Retention
  14. Renewal performance improvement
The application period starts on 29th October, 2021 and ends on 27th November, 2021. Please apply as soon as possible.