This is a collaborative corporate engagement program where we are scouting startups  who can provide innovative business solutions to our corporate partners. We are  bridging the gap between the corporates and startups. 

What’s in it for startup

What solutions we are looking for?

 We are looking to collaborate with startups bringing innovative solutions in the following areas:

Corporate partners Onboarded for the program

Selection process

Important Timelines


This intention of this program is to bridge the gap between startups and corporates. We are scouting for startups with innovative business solutions in the above mentioned areas for our corporate partners. For more details on use cases we are trying to solve, you can refer below on the FAQ section.

Once the application period is over, the shortlisted startups will pitch to our corporate partners for an opportunity for a Proof of Concept, Strategic Alliance/Investment Opportunity.

1) Non Invasive Medical Testing & Remote Medical Assessments: We are looking for startups that can help optimize process of medical underwriting to make customer on boarding smoother. Categories under these:

  • AI based video/ tele-platform to perform financial and medical assessment remotely
  • Data aggregation from external sources to access financial and medical fitness of prospects
  • Evaluation of a surrogate medical score to avoid physical visits for medical checks
  • Apps or devices which can be used to measure vital signs of the customer like heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, blood glucose, heart stress, ECG etc. preferably without the need of a blood sample from the customer

2) Applicant screening system: An automated system which can go through many applications in fraction of the time a person would take to read, assess criteria met and rank applicants to make hiring process efficient and streamlined. Basically, an intelligent, low code, automated solution which can interact with the candidate and do a first level of screening, sorting and filtering before it is picked up by a manual HR for processing and evaluation.

3)Internal knowledge/ video repository builder : An internal video repository for all  talks/training where someone who wants to contribute their knowledge can setup a convenient time slot themselves and broadcast the training/talk to the organization for interested people to attend, also able to store such content for further future use/ reference.  Basically a platform like ted/ josh talks built privately for a particular organization.

4)  Video platform for virtual selling: A virtual platform which allows salesperson to upload, store and deliver content seamlessly in order to make a sale, would be a perfect solution. The platform should be able to pre-recorder, on-demand videos without hassle. It should be able to integrate with various sales systems like lead generation systems, video MER, should support videos sales and online medicals. Preferable if it has inbuilt video KYC.

5) Increase turnaround time and process efficiency in underwriting decision making

6) Internal HR workflow platform: An internal communication system that will allow to employees to access relevant work related info & documents , but also provide for learning resources, fun activities, internal work chats, collaboration of projects etc.

The application period starts on 15 May, 2021 and ends on 12th June, 2021. Please apply as soon as possible.