Date – 16th December to 19th December 2019

Venue – AIC-NMIMS Incubation Centre.

AIC-NMIMS Incubation Centre hosted the 4 days long “Student Innovation program” with the students of the school ‘Dr. Kalmadi shamrao High School – Pune’ & ‘Dr. K. B. Hedgewar School – Goa’ from 16th December 2019 – 19th December 2019.

Day 1 – Tour to SVKM schools.

The SIP program started on 16th December 2019 at 1:00 pm with the introduction of the AIC Team to the participants of the SIP Program at the centre. They then met the incubates – Belboy & Indusved in order to understand how AIC-NMIMS helps start-ups in their entrepreneurial journey to achieve the desired goals by incubates themselves. The session followed by writing the expectations of the day and a question and answer round with the incubates to gain knowledge of their start-ups and how does a start-up work in order to gain success in market. The students were then briefed about various schools of SVKM & its campuses. To get aquainted with the type of facilities provided by AIC-NMIMS to the incubates the students visited various SVKM’s facilities and schools such as  – ‘The NMIMS Library’, ‘The Finance Lab’, ‘The Digital Lab’, “School Of Design”, “School Of Architecture”.

The Day 1 ended at 5:45 pm with a feedback of the students and teachers about the facilities, infrastructure and the day 1 as a whole.

Day 2 – Mentoring from experts.

Day 2 started at 10:00 am with loads enthusiasm of the students for learning new things and meeting the mentors to understand about their projects from their perspectives.

The Program started off with a quick day 1 summary and writing the expectations of the day. The program then followed by one on one mentor session with Mr. Paritosh Basu – Sr. Professor (Finance) & Programme Chairperson – MBA Law Program, School of Business Management – NMIMS   & Mrs. Maisha Phadke – Director School of Design NMIMS. The Session focused on helping the students to better the designs of their prototypes by Mrs. Manisha Phadke and make them understand the process of patenting by Mr. Paritosh Basu. The session was highly appreciated by the students as it helped them to change their perspective towards their prototypes and received number of ideas to develop them in more creative manner. Later after the lunch the program continued with a session by Mr. Prateek Jain – Manager AIC-NMIMS on “How to make a perfect Pitch Deck from the investor point of view” it served more of a question and answer pattern session to make it interesting and involving. The students on learning about a proper pitch deck sat and changed their presentation and updated it as per the views given by Mentors and Mr. Prateek Jain. Day 2 ended with a feedback round for Day 2 and a vote of thanks!

Day 3 – Journey of entrepreneur

Day 3 started off with a quick talk of Day 2 , writing expectations of the day and small talk about the best part of their school life and various innovative activities that schools have come up with to engage students and help them explore their various areas of interests. Following the tea break students had a session with Mr. Shashank Moddhia – An incubate at AIC-NMIMS (CEO – The Renal Project) who recently got funded by 100xVC to understand the journey of an entrepreneur right from the ideation stage to make your idea working and get funded. The students than tied up their laces to present their projects to Mrs. Anuja Agarwal – Professor and Associate Dean – Technology Management, NMIMS Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering to get brief of how can they get their projects technologically advanced to sustain in the market for a longer period of time and do better than their competitors in the market space.  Mrs. Manisha Phadke also joined in for the presentation round to review the changes that were suggested by her to build a better prototype. The SIP Program Students than met Mr. Harshal Shah – CEO AIC-NMIMS Incubation Centre. The session focused on understanding of the projects and help them understand “ What is an elevator Pitch and how to make one.” Day 3 ended at 5:45 by the round of feedback by the SIP students of the day, what interests them the most and what was the best thing of the day 3.

Day 4 – Entrepreneur talks!

The last day of the SIP Program started off with a quick day 3 summary and writing expectations for the day. The session then followed with a small discussion on what things come to their minds when they hear the word “Business.”  The session continued with the Mr. Kunjan Hirpara (Founder – Protto) & Mr. Jay Gadre (Founder – Blujay Robotics) the session briefed the students about the type of materials that should be changed & which other material that can be used to make it a sustaining model and how to take their product into market and where can they get help of the vendors for various materials required etc. Following the lunch break was a session by Mrs. Poonam Soni – Marketing Manager – AIC –NMIMS on Branding, Marketing and Pilot testing which was highly appreciated by the students and said “The session was informative and right to the point as it was time constrained”

 Day 4 ended up with a feedback session of all the 4 days of the Student Innovation Program at the AIC-NMIMS Incubation Centre and a vote of thanks by Ms. Bhumi Soneji – Innovation associate AIC-NMIMS.

The 4 day Student Innovation Program was a success and students and teachers appreciated the efforts made by the AIC-NMIMS team and Mentors for the improvements in their projects to help them change their perspective and see it through the eyes of the customers in order to get the product a perfect market fit.