AIC-NMIMS hosted an event was October 13th, 2018 at 11.00 am to 12.00 pm on Brand Insights by Mr.S Yesudas

Mr. S Yesudas is the Co-founder and managing director of Y&A Transformation Pvt. Ltd. They simply believe that transformation is building the ability and culture to look beyond the legacy to pave the way for next practices through Agile, Collaborative, Innovative and Adaptive methods of doing business. He has been a source of inspiration in the fields of marketing and business.

During the event he shared his insights on the importance of consumer acquisition cost. It’s the cost an entrepreneur take in order to convert a particular into a customer. To drive down these cost one gives importance to building a trust worthy brand.

Building a brand is done through focusing on what is trending according to the consumer by using various analysis so that the company can provide them at its best. Seems easy to implement, right? Clearly not. There are various variables and parameters one needs to consider to understand the audience well. This can be done through understanding consumer experience, conversion rates, data analysis, etc.

A classic example of marketing automation could be these large retails stores which hike up the prices a few weeks before any festive season, let’s take Diwali for now. And closer to the fest return to their normal prices and increase the sales. This is nothing but understanding what’s trending and the consumer’s point of view.

One can build their brand through social media, Google advertisements, mailers, hoardings, SMS, etc.

To piece it together, Mr. S Yesudas believes that branding is all about the 4 A’s.
* Acquisition
* Attribution
* Analytics
* Accretion

In simpler words, it’s about knowing your customers, building and enriching their experience and maximising lifetime value for the company

It was a wonderful event very well appreciated by the attendees