a session on marketing automation

On 20th October, 2018; NMIMS Incubation Centre organised a session on marketing automation By Mr VeerChand Bothra. 

Mr. VeerChand Bothra is the founder of dotDash and chief entrepreneur of Net Core Solutions.

He shared his insights on the marketing automation and its trends. Marketing automation is nothing but understanding what’s trending and the consumer’s point of view. It helps us understand how marketing has been disrupted. For instance real time, cloud based, on demand basis, mar-tech, etc. They follow certain trends in order to make it easier for the consumer. It believes in experiences rather than communications, inbound, data, unified – view, converged media rather than media silos and multiple specialist agencies. However, this covers majority of the managerial aspect, the other aspect is the technical one. It has been transforming over the years.

He also shared his views on consumer life cycle which can be viewed:

  • Acquisition
  • Attribution
  • Analysis
  • Accretion

The above helps the marketers to plan strategies and campaign management and help them track the conversion also.

While building any campaign, his emphasis on the below key points which needs to be consider: 

  • Know your Consumer
  • Building a Relationship
  • Maximise Lifetime Value

Further on, he explained how marketing automation doesn’t only help one’s Digital Marketing strategies, it helps one earn profit which is the ultimate goal. Examples of marketing automation in the international markets are IBM, SFDC, adobe, etc. while nationally we have net core smart tech, clever tap, etc.

In simpler words, marketing automation is not just an important tool for the management of the company but every aspect since it’s beneficial to the entire firm.