NMIMS recently established the Atal Incubation Centre in its campus with the support of Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog, and Government of India. Post the launch it got an overwhelming experience by people applying it from various domain. AIC-NMIMS recently hosted an event on 29th September 2018 at its centre where two speakers were invited to talk and provide invaluable insights on Lifecycle of a Start-up by Mr Vivek Saxena and Fund raising in a start-up by Mr Amitabh Sinha

The event Started at 11:00 am, September 29, 2018 at NMIMS Incubation Centre.

The event started off by the Founder & CEO of Digicita, Mr. Vivek Saxena. It is a Venture Builder focussing on innovations in the area of new age social platforms and marketplaces. He is also on the Board of Anuvi Chemicals Limited, a leading manufacturer of specialty and construction chemicals.

Vivek dreams of reimagining and reconstructing the digital experience for greater collaboration and productivity. He is best known for his industry first payment wallet innovation – Zip Cash (now OlaMoney), among his many other entrepreneurial ventures and current investments. He imagined the future of payments well over a decade before it boomed in India. He successfully exited Zip Cash in 2015.

He shared his insights on the various stages, growth process of a start-up and most importantly how to capitalise on the strengths of one’s venture. He believes that if every start up focuses on its true value and strengths rather than the flaws, the venture can grow to great heights.

Followed by this we had Mr. Amitabh Sinha, who is the co-founder and chief strategic officer of meetingsandoffices.com. Meetingsandoffices.com offers a complete end to end solution across a large aggregation of pay per use flexible work spaces with online search, compare, credibility verification, online booking and payment features.

He shared his insights on fundraising for start-ups through an interactive session. He also believes that today venture finance is also not easy, since most small businesses are entrepreneur led and often lack understanding of how funding or financing work. There are also a huge number of unscrupulous people exploiting and feeding on this lack of understanding – both individuals and institutions.

To sum it up, the event did not only answer the queries of the audience but also gave them a different perspective on how to solve their problems regarding fund raising and the stages of a start-up.