Visit to NASEOH!
Date – 18th November 2019.

It’s an eye that sees disability not heart or brain! – An AIC-NMIMS belief.

NASEOH is an NGO which works towards training people with multi disability and make them self-sustainable and stand on their own feet and eradicate the mindsets of people about ‘disable are not able’.

NASEOH trains them on various aspect such as Welding and sheet metal fabrication, Tailoring & embroidering, Orthotic & prosthetic fabrication, Typing, Foundation course in English & Computer education (MS Office), Data Entry operation, Electronic assembly, Ceramic & Pottery, Simple Manual Skill., Kitchen skills, Bakery, Garden, Nursery & Bonsai, House Keeping and Other time bound courses.

Recently, AIC-NMIMS visited NASEOH with their social entrepreneur Sulaksha Shetty (Tiffins and thots a company which trains underprivileged women over cooking and food nutrition to start their own kitchen and earn decent amount for their livelihood). Visiting NASEOH we have learnt that life is not always easy but giving your best to improve it is always an option.

The visit that made us also learn that the age is just a number when we saw Ms. Yashuben Mehta (92 years) training students along with their mothers to understand what training will help them the most and make them self-sustained in future. Her enthusiasm and work has motivated all of us in order to work towards the betterment of tomorrow and understand that there is nothing as “disability” it is all in our thinking.

AIC-NMIMS working on the similar lines trains, guides and helps the young and budding entrepreneurs from the ups and downs of the company to make their companies sustainable. Prompt Investor connect, vibrant ecosystem, diverse and constant mentoring, world-class infrastructure, and free credit programmes, these are just a few of the advantages that a dedicated incubation programme like the AIC-NMIMS Incubation Centre offers. Housed in the heart of Mumbai, this state of the art incubation centre brings together the right mix of people, resources, and values, the programme seeks to build an innovative and collaborative ecosystem for young entrepreneurs to thrive. AIC-NMIMS is outreaching and connecting their social entrepreneurs to grow along with building a good eco-system in society