“The Renal Project”, are continuing delivering dialysis at both of their centres exactly as per regular schedule even today.

They are not able to sit at home, in fact they have got busier.

As the Founder – Mr. Shashank Moddhia say’s , Dialysis is a life-sustaining therapy and HAS to be taken by patients and we HAVE to provide it.

Though Couple challenges walked their way The Renal Project has faced each one with absolute toughness and brought solution to each one –

A few challenges and how did they overcome the same

1. Infection Control –

    a. Training to the staff on extra care with defined disinfection procedures

    b. Awareness to patients on extra care on their access points and how to take care since dialysis patients have weak immune system

2. Staff Management –

    a. Motivation about these 21 days and the value we are adding

    b. Declared extra compensation as appreciation for continuing their good work.

    c. Issued necessary documentation that they can show police for being able to move freely without being stopped or beaten.

3. Supplies –

    Confirmed with surgicals, and consumables suppliers if they will be able to continue supplies without disruption in production or transportation.

As we know the price of hard work is always received let us all help and support in such good initiatives by pressing the word.