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Date – 26th, 27th and 28th August 2020

Time – 4:00 pm

AIC-NMIMS Incubation Centre hosted a three-day Boot Camp on 26th / 27th & 28th August 2020 for the training of budding entrepreneurs & make the start-ups learn about the Business Pitch/ Business Strategy & Business Model. The audience consisted of the Top 75 Business Ideas Shortlisted in 5th Cohort incubation program at AIC-NMIMS.

The event started at 4:00 pm on 26th August 2020 by Mr. Harshal Shah CEO – AIC NMIMS incubation Centre Mr. Shah took everyone through the journey of AIC NMIMS so far and what to expect once a start-up incubates at AIC NMIMS Incubation Centre. Followed by a small talk by Mr. Harshal shah, Ms.Ishita Agrawal – Program Director at AIM spoke about the various support provided to start-ups by Atal Innovation Mission & how AIC NMIMS is one of the places where startups can grow. Going forward with the bootcamp event Mr. Swen Wegner spoke with all the budding entrepreneurs and helped in understanding “Presenting a good Business Pitch”. The session continued with a small talk by Ms. Poonam Soni – Marketing Manager – AIC NMIMS & Ms. Bhumi Soneji – Innovation Associate – AIC NMIMS on the various services and facilities that AIC NMIMS provides to all the start-ups that get incubated.

The next days session on 27th August at 4:00 pm started by Mr. Amrut Deshmukh – Booklet Guy, talk on “Entrepreneurs never die.” He guided start-ups about how failures are the steeping stone towards success and how he has achieved today 16 lakh readers on his application by failing 3 times in his entrepreneurial journey. He says ‘What is success anyway without failures.’ The session further continued by Investment team of AIC NMIMS where Mr. Prateek Jain – Manager – AIC NMIMS & Ms. Karishma Shah explained all the start-ups about the investment facilities & 25/7 network of AIC NMIMS.

The third day of Bootcamp on 28th August started with a session by Ms. Deepshikha Kumar – Founder SpeakIn who spoke on “Presenting a business strategy or model” where Ms. Deepshikha explained on how to prepare and business strategy and present it to the audience in laymans words. Followed by it was a session by AIC NMIMS incubates “The Renal Project” & “Agrify Solution” who spoke about their journey with AIC NMIMS and how have they grown in their entrepreneurial journey with support of AIC NMIMS.

The sessions were appreciated by all the start-ups which were highly knowledgeable and insightful and helped them find the loop holes in their start-ups and work over them to build more stronger start-up climbing the ladder of success.