Mr. Sujyal Pal has 18+years’ experience across strategic communications, digital transformation, customer journeys, human centered design and employer branding. He is the Founder and CEOof Actionate – Empowering organizations to build or level-up their strategic communications capabilities bringing together leadership, technology and right-fit engagement models. He is the Co-founder of Joinbox, a SaaS-based talent screening and fitment analysis platform that allows recruiters and business teams to screen candidates at scale, using personalized, qualitative parameters, in place of traditional CV-based screening.

Earlier he was associated with CitiusTech, a global leader in healthcare technology. He was instrumental in setting up CitiusTech’s first marketing, user experience and employer branding teams. Conceptualized and deployed CitiusTech’s unique talent communications strategy, bringing together communications, human-centered principles and automation, to positively impact talent outcomes.