Name of Start-up: Capshun Digital Private Limited
Founder: Yash Poojary
Incubated since: October 2018
Idea/Technology: Capshun is currently developing an app that will auto-suggest captions for pictures captured digitally. The app includes AI tools that will enable the system to identify objects in the picture and auto-suggest captions based on the objects identified.


Name of Start-up: EasyVest
Founder: Praval Shah
Incubated since: September 2018
Idea/Technology: Easyvest is a Fin-Tech startup developing on an integrated mobile platform to deliver investment education, affordable goal-based advisory for equity, mutual funds and debt based investments.


Name of Start-up: Gyanarth Technologies Private Limited
Founder:Dushyant Bhatt & Kirti Bhatt
Incubated since: October 2018
Idea/Technology: Gyanarth Technologies are developing Ed-Tech based products that employs augmented reality to deliver 3D object-based learning making complex theoretical concepts easier to understand.


Name of Start-up: The LIP Project
Founder: Rucha Ghag
Incubated since: October 2018
Idea/Technology: The LIP project aims to develop custom-made lipsticks employing organic ingredients to include customized flavors, colors and taste.


Name of Start-up: Pyrrhic Pharma Private Limited
Founder: Sushilabahen Dasharathbhai Patel & Kaushikakumari Jayendrakumar Patel 
Incubated since: October 2018
Idea/Technology: Pyrrhic Pharma is a fully integrated specialty pharma company focusing on developing technologies to develop formulations that can prevent overdose abuse, prevent physical and chemical tampering and retard the release of active drug ingredients when overdosing is purposeful. 


Name of Start-up: IndusVedAssociates LLp
Founder: Inder Singh 
Incubated since: October 2018
Idea/Technology: IndusVed is focusing on developing a B2B platform would work as an enterprise bus which connects SaaS and IoT partner entities with aim of providing better account management, upselling opportunities and impact. 


Name of Start-up: Klimrus Sustainable Solution Private Limited
Founder: Rutvick Pedamkar & Sandip Patil 
Incubated since: October 2018
Idea/Technology: Klimrus has developed a solar powered compost machine which is a combination of compost tumblers and organic waste converter which can covert organic waste to compost thus becoming the most cost-efficient way for waste disposal. 


Name of Start-up: Fincrux Technologies LLP
Founder: Nisant Mohta & Vijaylaxmi Mohta
Incubated since: October 2018
Idea/Technology: Fincrux is focusing on creating a set of digital solutions in combination with a stock simulator that will enable generation of user data through which skill-based and behavior-based assessments can be made for recruitment decisions.   


Name of Start-up: Truhelth Diagnostics Private Limited
Founder: Rajendra Charan & Ashish Tripathi
Incubated since: November 2018
Idea/Technology: Truhelth Diagnostics are developing healthcare & diagnostic solutions for screening, prevention and monitoring of non-communicable diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular & cancer at home.


Name of Start-up: Family First
Founder: Gursharan Sethi & Sahil Kakad
Incubated since: November 2018
Idea/Technology: Family First aims to develop products and services related to pre-hospitalization care that includes sophisticated first-aid kits and creation of trained workforce of emergency medical responders. 


Name of Start-up: NG – Empowering Retailers
Founder: Meet Shah
Incubated since: March 2019
Idea/Technology: NG aims to empower the offline retailers by aggregating them on a common platform and offering low purchase price, selling support & barter support.


Name of Start-up: ComXR
Founder: Rehan Poonawala
Incubated since: March 2019
Idea/Technology: A virtual reality (VR) based platform for training


Name of Start-up:   CollectorBazar  
Founder:  Aayush Jain
Incubated since:  March 2019
Idea/Technology: CollectorBazar is an online marketplace to buy and sell a diverse range of collectible items.

Walkers Unlts_logo

Name of Start-up: Walkers UnLtd
Founder: Abhishek Joseph
Incubated since: March 2019
Idea/Technology: A platform to hire person to walk their pets.


Name of Start-up: Dissect Edusolutions Pvt Ltd
Founder: Swapna Sudheer, Amit Gujarati & Deepak Agrawal
Incubated sinceMarch 2019
Idea/Technology: D-Box: a hands on learning program which includes activity kits, books, videos, teacher training modules, hands on assessments etc.


Name of Start-up: OptimizeQ Private Limited
Founder: Alpa Sonkar & Srinivasan Vijayaraghavan 
Incubated sinceMarch 2019
Idea/Technology: OptimizeQ is a Software Quality Automation company specializing in innovative & holistic approach by using Qbots that employs AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) technologies


Name of Start-up: Narik Nanochem (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. 
Founder: Mr. Uday Karandikar 
Incubated since: March 2019 
Idea/Technology: Narik Nanochem has developed a heat & light resistant aqueous concentrate of ionic Silver for instant disinfection of water from any suspect source.


Name of Startup: Verimates (India) Private Limited
Founders: Tapan Das, Sutapa Das
Incubated since: March 2019
Idea/Technology: Verimates is a verified ID mailing system that validates the identity of sender, tackles fraudulent emails making them trustworthy once again.

Xchange Online_logo

Name of Startup:  Aloite Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Founders: Somesh Ghosh, Simant Nigam & Vishwajit Kadam.
Incubated since: March 2019
Idea/Technology: XchangeOnline, an online platform that helps to bridge the gap between consumers and the waste recyclers. 

The Renal Project_logo

Name of Start-up: The Renal Project TM 
Founder: Shashank Moddhia
Incubated since: March 2019
Idea/Technology: Chain of dialysis micro-centers to support population with minimal access to healthcare system.

Name of Startup: krishiBOT
Founders: Vaibhav Thacker & Prachetha Shetty
Incubated since: March 2019
KrishiBOT is a lightweight, modular and smart agriculture robot that aims to achieve maximum crop productivity with precision mechanisms at an affordable rate to help small and marginal sized farm owners.


Name of Startup: Lyngum Innovations Pvt. Ltd.
Founders: Bhupendra Chaudhary, Akanksha Bector,  Shipra Chaudhary & Sonali Galhotra
Incubated since: March 2019
Idea/Technology: A high end fintech product that enables device-less money transfer

Gifts on Air_logo

Name of Startup: Gifts On Air Online Solutions Pvt.Ltd.
Founders: Sarthak Khandelwal & Shobhit Jhalani
Incubated since: March 2019
Idea/Technology: Gifts On Air: a platform for customer retention and acquisition.

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