Name of Start-up: Super Centurion Technologies Private Limited.
Founder: Mr. Nirmal Rewaria
Incubated since: 20th Nov, 2019
Idea/Technology: Beyond Life Service and Financial Peace through mobile app.

Name of Start-up: Listerr 
Founder: Naman Jain
Incubated since: 14th September 2020. (5th Cohort)
Idea/Technology: Listerr is a local market aggregator platform, facilitates all types of business industries altogether. It is an online marketplace for local stores. 

Name of Start-up:Orange Ant Media
Founder: Sharad Baggonkar
Incubated since:14th September 2020. (5th Cohort)
Idea/Technology:We are building an ‘audio first product’ called ‘O!Wonder’ which uses ‘voice’ & ‘technology’. The idea is to create engaging experiences for children (6-14 years). In a world dominated by screens, our mission is to get children to ‘listen’ as opposed to just ‘watch’. Excessive screen watching has a grave effect on their little minds. ‘O!Wonder’ streams audio ‘experiences’ that combine ‘listening’ & ‘learning’, helping them – connect, discover and learn about our amazing world, all in a fun and interactive way.


Name of Start-up: dili  (trademark of Triumph Technology Services Private Limited)
Founder:  Shyamal Saxena & Rakesh Jha
Incubated since: 
14th September 2020. (5th Cohort)
Idea/Technology: digital lending platform which connects lenders to merchants. Uses state-of-art on-boarding, KYC, underwriting and loan management practices to deliver a world class customer experience through a mobile App and web interface.


Name of Start-up: CredScore
Founder: Raghu Bhat & Vivek Gadodia
Incubated since: 
14th September 2020. (5th Cohort)
Idea/Technology: CredScore aims to disrupt the alternate credit scoring market through launch of its own propreitory scoring engine based on alternative data of the individual captured through the individuals digital footprint, social media data, mobile metadata and psycometric evaluation of client’s form submission. CredScore aims to become the score of choice amongst banks/ NBFCs and fintechs besides applications in other B2C platforms


Name of Start-up: FinBits India
Founder: Ishaan Shetty, Abhishek Doppalapudi, Husain Ghadiali
Incubated since: 14th September 2020.
Idea/ is a unique, earnestly created platform that provides useful bite-sized learning through articles relevant to the world around us, covering a variety of categories to cater to everyone’s interest. Our outlook is simple – to be at the forefront of a learning ecosystem that augments the way our readers consume information online. Our calling caters to the current generations need to stay updated, through industry examples through our various platforms – Newsletters/ articles for providing the readers simplified narratives of latest happenings in the field of commerce/ finance, our Spotify podcasts for inspiring stories on stalwarts who made a significant mark in their respective fields in their prime itself, and our social media platforms that not only provide us a dais to promote our content but also bolsters the growth of our rapidly expanding community of readers, learners and enthusiasts.


Name of Start-up: Medworld Solutions Pvt Ltd
Founder: Vikram Chunarkar, Ajit Chunarkar, Madhuri Chunarkar
Incubated since: 14th September 2020. (5th Cohort)
Idea/Technology: We are developing an ecosystem to bring hospital, patient and insurance providers on a single platform.


Name of Start-up – SheetChain
Founder – Suvrat Aggarwal
Incubated Since – 14th September 2020
Idea/Technology – SheetChain is a blockchain enabled collaborative working product. It aims to connect local worksheet files for independent users. Blockchain, IPFS, Angular

Startup Name: GoEvals
Founder: Swati Hirey, Manish Menon & Dr. Gaurav Hirey
Incubated since: 14th September 2020. (5th Cohort)
GoEvals is an Analysis Driven, Ai Enabled, Digital HR Tools platform.
Offering Intelligent tools for People Management across the employee lifecycle.
GoEvals offers tools that are plug and play & easy to implement tools thus solving the problems of long Implementation cycle & digitization of People Management practices for companies!

Name of start-up – Invave
Founders: Harsh Jain and Gaurang Gupta
Incubated since: 14th September 2020. (5th Cohort)
Idea/Technology: Invave provides a digital platform for individuals who are looking for short-term borrowing or saving opportunities. It has digitized the traditional ROSCAs model where a group of individuals comes together, pool in an equal amount of money and each member gets to borrow the entire fund once. The circle exists until each member gets to borrow the funds. Invave aims at promoting savings among the young generation and also the financial inclusion of the underbanked societies.


Name of Start-up: Arthaware Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Founder: Ankit Kumar Pandey
Incubated since: 14th September 2020. (5th Cohort)
Idea/Technology: Artha is a Dynamic startup with a mission to innovate and create value in the Entertainment and Event management industry by providing a transparent process between various stake holders while also providing data driven tools to help our users to deliver effectively and efficiently. Artha is an ERP solution, a (verified + rated) vendor marketplace platform and a Script analysis Software. It is a one stop solution for all your Production and event Management needs.


Name of Start-up: HealthSet
Founder: Raunak Shah
Incubated since: 16th March 2020. (4th Cohort)
Idea/Technology: HealthSet is a self-learning system for health and fitness, that helps you build healthy habits in your daily life, based off a mobile application


Name of Start-up: KraftJar
Founder: Sandeep Pandit
Incubated since: 16th March, 2020
Idea/Technology: KraftJar is an experiential marketing company focusing on Intellectual Properties, Brand Activations, Corporate Events & Content Creation for Brands.




Name of Start-up: Oorjam Software solutions Pvt Ltd
Founder: Deepak Ambardekar
Incubated since: 2020
Idea/Technology: An Integrated web Platform for Medical data Management & Collaboration.




Name of Start-up: VOLTA E-MOBILITY LLP
Founder: Mr. Sudhir M. Monpara
Incubated since: MAR 2020
Idea/Technology: Electric Two Wheelers, Electric Mobility and Electric Vehicle’s Parts Like BMS, BLDC Controller, LCD Display etc..


Name of Start-up: Skybless Pvt Ltd
Founder: Heramb Ranade
Incubated since: March 2020
Idea/Technology: Aggregator of clean energy powered services for urban buildings


Name of Start-up:  SUO
Founder: Anwar Khan
Incubated since:  – 
Idea/Technology:  1) Introduction :Sustainable Lifestyle Startup – SUOSuo is a social entreprise that believes in working within the triple bottom framework. We at Suo design beautiful apparel and becomefurnishings with sustainability at its core both socially and environmentally. It is done through circularity in product life cycle and providing livelihood opportunities to artisans.Suo values life, free thought process, creativity and modern character for the audience of today. Our ambition is to produce timeless and sustainable designs that serves a purpose yet carries a story.
2) Vision : To be a leader in sustainable lifestyle.

3) Mission : To establish an eco-system of  sustainable fashion and furnishings by complying with societal and environmental norms. We make sure that our partners and suppliers comply with the code of conduct of being sustainable with 360° view.

Name of Start-up:  Mauka
Founder: Sagar
Menon, Harsh Vora and Shrey Karani
Incubated since:  March 2020
EdTech Platform with an integrated job portal providing skill training in regional languages for entry level jobs and providing relevant job opportunities after assessment. 


Name of Start-up: Capshun Digital Private Limited
Founder: Yash Poojary
Incubated since: October 2018
Idea/Technology: Capshun is currently developing an app that will auto-suggest captions for pictures captured digitally. The app includes AI tools that will enable the system to identify objects in the picture and auto-suggest captions based on the objects identified.


Name of Start-up: EasyVest
Founder: Praval Shah
Incubated since: September 2018
Idea/Technology: Easyvest is a Fin-Tech startup developing on an integrated mobile platform to deliver investment education, affordable goal-based advisory for equity, mutual funds and debt based investments.


Name of Start-up: Gyanarth Technologies Private Limited
Founder:Dushyant Bhatt & Kirti Bhatt
Incubated since: October 2018
Idea/Technology: Gyanarth Technologies are developing Ed-Tech based products that employs augmented reality to deliver 3D object-based learning making complex theoretical concepts easier to understand.


Name of Start-up: The LIP Project
Founder: Rucha Ghag
Incubated since: October 2018
Idea/Technology: The LIP project aims to develop custom-made lipsticks employing organic ingredients to include customized flavors, colors and taste.


Name of Start-up: Pyrrhic Pharma Private Limited
Founder: Sushilabahen Dasharathbhai Patel & Kaushikakumari Jayendrakumar Patel 
Incubated since: October 2018
Idea/Technology: Pyrrhic Pharma is a fully integrated specialty pharma company focusing on developing technologies to develop formulations that can prevent overdose abuse, prevent physical and chemical tampering and retard the release of active drug ingredients when overdosing is purposeful. 


Name of Start-up: IndusVedAssociates LLp
Founder: Inder Singh 
Incubated since: October 2018
Idea/Technology: IndusVed is focusing on developing a B2B platform would work as an enterprise bus which connects SaaS and IoT partner entities with aim of providing better account management, upselling opportunities and impact. 


Name of Start-up: Klimrus Sustainable Solution Private Limited
Founder: Rutvick Pedamkar & Sandip Patil 
Incubated since: October 2018
Idea/Technology: Klimrus has developed a solar powered compost machine which is a combination of compost tumblers and organic waste converter which can covert organic waste to compost thus becoming the most cost-efficient way for waste disposal. 


Name of Start-up: Fincrux Technologies LLP
Founder: Nisant Mohta & Vijaylaxmi Mohta
Incubated since: October 2018
Idea/Technology: Fincrux is focusing on creating a set of digital solutions in combination with a stock simulator that will enable generation of user data through which skill-based and behavior-based assessments can be made for recruitment decisions.   


Name of Start-up: Truhelth Diagnostics Private Limited
Founder: Rajendra Charan & Ashish Tripathi
Incubated since: November 2018
Idea/Technology: Truhelth Diagnostics are developing healthcare & diagnostic solutions for screening, prevention and monitoring of non-communicable diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular & cancer at home.


Name of Start-up: Family First
Founder: Gursharan Sethi & Sahil Kakad
Incubated since: November 2018
Idea/Technology: Family First aims to develop products and services related to pre-hospitalization care that includes sophisticated first-aid kits and creation of trained workforce of emergency medical responders. 


Name of Start-up: NG – Empowering Retailers
Founder: Meet Shah
Incubated since: March 2019
Idea/Technology: NG aims to empower the offline retailers by aggregating them on a common platform and offering low purchase price, selling support & barter support.


Name of Start-up: ComXR
Founder: Rehan Poonawala
Incubated since: March 2019
Idea/Technology: A virtual reality (VR) based platform for training


Name of Start-up:   CollectorBazar  
Founder:  Aayush Jain
Incubated since:  March 2019
Idea/Technology: CollectorBazar is an online marketplace to buy and sell a diverse range of collectible items.

Walkers Unlts_logo

Name of Start-up: Walkers UnLtd
Founder: Abhishek Joseph
Incubated since: March 2019
Idea/Technology: A platform to hire person to walk their pets.


Name of Start-up: Dissect Edusolutions Pvt Ltd
Founder: Swapna Sudheer, Amit Gujarati & Deepak Agrawal
Incubated sinceMarch 2019
Idea/Technology: D-Box: a hands on learning program which includes activity kits, books, videos, teacher training modules, hands on assessments etc.


Name of Start-up: OptimizeQ Private Limited
Founder: Alpa Sonkar & Srinivasan Vijayaraghavan 
Incubated sinceMarch 2019
Idea/Technology: OptimizeQ is a Software Quality Automation company specializing in innovative & holistic approach by using Qbots that employs AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) technologies


Name of Start-up: Narik Nanochem (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. 
Founder: Mr. Uday Karandikar 
Incubated since: March 2019 
Idea/Technology: Narik Nanochem has developed a heat & light resistant aqueous concentrate of ionic Silver for instant disinfection of water from any suspect source.


Name of Startup: Verimates (India) Private Limited
Founders: Tapan Das, Sutapa Das
Incubated since: March 2019
Idea/Technology: Verimates is a verified ID mailing system that validates the identity of sender, tackles fraudulent emails making them trustworthy once again.

Xchange Online_logo

Name of Startup:  Aloite Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Founders: Somesh Ghosh, Simant Nigam & Vishwajit Kadam.
Incubated since: March 2019
Idea/Technology: XchangeOnline, an online platform that helps to bridge the gap between consumers and the waste recyclers. 

The Renal Project_logo

Name of Start-up: The Renal Project TM 
Founder: Shashank Moddhia
Incubated since: March 2019
Idea/Technology: Chain of dialysis micro-centers to support population with minimal access to healthcare system.

Name of Startup: KrishiBOT
Founders: Vaibhav Thacker & Prachetha Shetty
Incubated since: March 2019
KrishiBOT is a lightweight, modular and smart agriculture robot that aims to achieve maximum crop productivity with precision mechanisms at an affordable rate to help small and marginal sized farm owners.


Name of Startup: Lyngum Innovations Pvt. Ltd.
Founders: Bhupendra Chaudhary, Akanksha Bector,  Shipra Chaudhary & Sonali Galhotra
Incubated since: March 2019
Idea/Technology: A high end fintech product that enables device-less money transfer

Gifts on Air_logo

Name of Startup: Gifts On Air Online Solutions Pvt.Ltd.
Founders: Sarthak Khandelwal & Shobhit Jhalani
Incubated since: March 2019
Idea/Technology: Gifts On Air: a platform for customer retention and acquisition.


Name of Startup: Beej (Lykke Sustainable Designs Pvt. Ltd.)
Founders: Arundhati Kumar
Incubated since: September 2019
Idea/Technology: A fashion startup based on environmental and social sustainability.


Name of Startup:Bima Garage (HGDS Ventures Pvt Ltd)
Founders: Sandesh Mishra/Hemant Tiwari/Devang Parmar
Incubated since: September 2019
India’s First Integrated Service Provider in Healthcare.


Name of Startup:Decimal Finance
Founders: Sachin Joshi
Incubated since: September 2019
UPI cross border payments


Name of Startup:lvlAlpha
Founders: Aditya Mishra
Incubated since: September 2019
Defence IoT Wearable Devices Tracking Critical Health Vitals, Active Location and Navigation for Extreme Environment Crew/Personnel


Name of Startup:Green India Initiative Pvt. Ltd.
Founders: Sachin Shigwan
Incubated since: September, 2019
Idea/Technology:Green India Initiative is a social enterprise formed since 2014 growing each day by contributing to sustainable community development. Focusing on major electricity problems and eradicating them through the non-conventional source of energy, Solar Power. Impact concentric attitude levying innovative and unique long term Solar energy projects like Solar Street Lighting, Home lighting systems, Water systems and cookers positively transforms the thinking of villagers towards growth.


Name of StartupBelboy
Founders: Sanskaara Lalwani and Priyank Mody
Incubated since: September, 2019
Idea/TechnologyBelboy is an on – demand, hyperlocal, delivery application that solves all your pickup and drop needs. They provide instant services for running your errands along with shopping from your local retailers so that you can get everything you desire in the fastest way possible.


Name of Startup: R&D Matchmakers Pvt. Ltd
Founders: Rohit P Dandekar
Incubated since: September 2019
Idea/Technology: We are aggregators of human relationship, The only community page in the globe to serve solve and answer queries on human relationships across the globe across all age groups. Saving marriages, 2nd marriage, Divorce being the key attributes & ofcourse first marriage with compatibility study with numerology/astrology/ medical test & much more.


Name of Startup: Arlyn Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd
Founders: Arusha Ratnesh & Ratnesh Srivastava
Incubated since: September 2019
Idea/Technology: ARwave: A revolutionary device for Respiratory Diseases in India

Hibiscus Monkey

Name of Startup: Hibiscus Monkey LLP
Founders: Roshni Mehta and Mona Mehta
Incubated since: September 2019
Idea/Technology:Rooted in ethnic care from family recipes passed down by grandma, we manufacture and sell hair, skin and menstruation need products that are 100% natural and chemical-free.
Website: www.hibiscusmonkey.comn


Name of Startup: Tiffins and Thots (LIB Enterprises)
Founders: Sulaksha Shetty
Incubated since: September 2019
Idea/Technology:Social enterprise on food with focus on creating micro entrepreneurs for sustainable livelihood


Name of Startup: Blujay Robotics Pvt. Ltd
Founders: Jay Gadre
Incubated since: Sept 2019
Idea/Technology:Developing robotic solutions for modern problems. One such robot is an unmanned robotic firefighting vehicle
Website: N/A


Name of Startup: Easy Dose (JS Healthcare and BioTech Pvt. Ltd.)
Founders: Hemant Shende
Incubated since: Sept’2019
Idea/Technology:India’s first end to end, personalised medication management and adherence platform.


Name of Startup: Whee Rideshare
Founders: Sidney Menezes
Incubated since: Sept’2019
Idea/Technology:Urban micro-mobility


Name of Startup: Protto (Asphalt Autotech Pvt. Ltd.),
Founders:  Kunjan Hirpara, Allan Pinto
Incubated since: Sept’2019
Idea/TechnologyProtto leverages vehicle data to recommend services/products to help vehicle owners get the right services/products at the right time, this further helps vehicle owner manage vehicle more efficiently.


Name of Startup: Go Beyond Sports 
Founders: Sonali Gupta
Incubated since: Sept’2019
Idea/Technology:Creating a sustainable environment and platform for the culture of Sports to thrive and flourish.


Name of Startup: Digital Ripples Technologies
 Founders: Ruben Shah and Namita Shah
Incubated since: Sept’2019
Idea/Technology:Build voice enabled experiences, solutions and products for enterprises as well as consumers using conversational AI and Voice Assistants (#AmaxonAlexa, #GoogleHome, #Voicebot, #ConversationalAI). Creating business efficiencies using Intelligent Process Automation (#RPA, #AutomationAnywhere)


Name of Startup: Headstrait Software LLP
Founders:   Krishna Ganesan
Incubated since: Sept’2019
Idea/Technology:Changing the way software is created and delivered for your business. We make world-class software development and technology modernization affordable for business


Name of Startup: Diagnostics Inc
Founders:  Madiha Shaikh
Incubated since: Sept’2019
Idea/Technology:Diagnostic solution for early non-invasive cancer detection at point of care
Website: NA


Name of Startup: ARC 360 
Founders: Atharva Shetye
Incubated since: Sept’2019
Idea/Technology:Artistic Rendering Communicator 360 is a software company, focused on developing solutions for designers with industry 4.0 technology
Website: NA


Name of Startup: The Farmer Club
Founders: Sanket Baheti
Incubated since: Sept’2019
Idea/Technology:The Farmer Club is a startup which is based on the idea of innovation in agriculture domain by developing alternative farming model which will result in a paradigm shift of growing practices. The primary objective is to develop and utilize solutions for modern farming.

Website: NA


Name of Startup: Silvery nanos
Founders: Divya Rathod
Incubated since: Dec 2018
Idea/Technology:Spraying ‘Hapito’ once, gives you Infection-less, odorless, water saving, Environment saving toilets for ONE MONTH.

Website: NA

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